Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register a profile?

To begin the creation of a VCard site we must first register, filling all the fields that appear.

The following steps are:

  • Go to Profiles and select the profile that interests us by clicking on the "I Want it!" button.
  • Complete the registration form (user name, valid email, etc) and click Next.
  • In case of free profile, check inbox of your email and activate account.
  • In case of profile Prof, to make payment, once made, to review inbox of electronic mail and to activate account.
  • Once the account is activated, you can access your control panel.


I already have my account activated. And now?

Now that you have an activated account, whatever your profile, you can access your admin panel by logging in.

Once inside, you will see a side panel to the left of your screen, depending on the profile you have registered you will be able to see some options or others, but some of these options are common for the two profiles.

How do I create my card?

The following steps are common to create a free profile virtual card or Prof.

  • If we find ourselves on the Welcome page, we will have to create our site. We have two options "My Sites" and "New site" and click on "New Site". Then fill in the fields and press Create card.
  • Once created we will go to "My Sites" and press the "Update" button, to get the card that we have created. and click on "Set up card".
  • We will enter the configuration section.
  • In the URL section, we will put the name with which we want our sub-domains to be recorded within the VCard network.
  • In photo by default, select or upload the photo that will appear as logo of the company or member by default, in case you do not select any other on your individual card. This is especially useful when in the Prof profile we will not have personal images of each member of the team, automatically associating this image to each member.
  • In the Prof version, we can select from the different color templates that are available for your card, as well as the wallpaper that will be placed on your card. Remember that these options are shared with the whole group of cards, not individually.
  • We select the background we want in our virtual card, among the different options that we offer.
  • If we want an animation on the background image of our cards, select the animation that we want. If not, select without animation.
  • Finally we keep the changes.
  • All these settings, except the URL, can be modified in the future. If you change the URL, the links and QR will have to be generated again.

The card is already configured, now how do I enter my data?

In the VCard menu, select Company, at this time we access the form for the creation of the card. * Remember not to download the QR code until you have finished configuring your card, because depending on the information introduced the QR will vary.


  • Name: Company name.
  • Email: You can enter two mail accounts.
  • TLF: You can enter two phone numbers.
  • Address: Postal address of the company, fill in each space with the information that is specified, if in the name of street puts the number, will not be well positioned in the map.
  • Note: A brief note about your company.
  • Logo: Select your company logo.


The services to which your company is dedicated, consisting of the title of the service, image, and under the image the text of the service is represented. You can enter up to 8 different services.

-Links/Social networks:

Links of interest, you can add in this section the links to your Web or social networks.

-Timetable *:

The schedule in which your business is kept open, being able to organize it in split-hour shifts or in time groups for days.

I've got my card! How can I see and share it?

Once finished, save the changes, and we are ready to download our QR, which will unload an image in. png format, we can print or attach wherever we want.

To see how our card has been left by pressing the top button "see", which will take us directly to the main page of our card.

If we are creating the cards on a PC, we will see the PC Card model, and although the functions of "call", Share by "WhatsApp" or "SMS" will only work depending on the configuration of your computer, because they are options designed for SmartPhone and depend on The applications installed on the device. You will see a sample of how it looks and how it loads your virtual card. You only have to share it with all your contacts!!

Specifications version Prof

In our version Prof, we still have options with which we can count. Your menu features the "Team members" section, which will break down a list of all the individual cards you have created within your company, as well as the "Add new" option, which allows you to add a new member to your team. The individual fields can be filled with alternative information to the company, or select the "same as the parent" option, which will automatically fill in the information with the information corresponding to that field on the company card to which The member belongs.

Finally, in your business card, you will see a new section, called "Our Team", which shows all members of your company's team, in a view that shows the personal image of each, its name , and the charge given to each one, you just have to click on the member and the individual card will be charged.


If you're still in doubt after reviewing some of these questions, don't hesitate to read the VCard quick Guide, as it explains everything with some guiding image. If you do not obtuvieses an answer, do not hesitate to contact us through our contact form or email.

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